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I have to say, that article on Stacy basically being the character to mess with the status quo was very interesting. Unfortunately she hasn't been treated that well, seeing as Candace is ignoring her again in favour of Jeremy or busting, and we've seen that her mum favours Ginger in One Good Turn. I hope she does something epic in future episodes, though. :)


I think Swampy tweeted the other day that they didn’t know yet if her knowledge of Perry was going to come up in future episodes, which probably means that narrative energy is going to be pretty slow in coming. It’s hard to really track character development from episode to episode, but in the long game of season 4, I think she’s edging herself into a more central position. I like how she’s a game-changer in a very even-keeled way, too, so she doesn’t always have to be coded as “epic” to be great—even just supporting Candace and interacting more with her sister is really in-character for her, and it’s really kind of heartwarming to see. :)

And part of what I love about Stacy’s arc is what you’re saying—that even if she isn’t always appreciated by the other characters, she always just wants to help. She’ll stand up for herself when she needs to, but she’s also aware that no one around her can be perfect, and they’ll make mistakes. She knows it isn’t personal. 

My guess is that since Stacy’s knowing about Perry was referenced in the 200th episode. So like Joons said, it will be a while before it is brought up again. And judging by what they said about it at comic-con, it looks like they haven’t forgotten it.

But regardless, what Joons said is basically my thoughts as well. I’m glad they did it because this is something Stacy needed in the show after all of the time she was left out of the 2nd half of Season 3 right after the movie. And after seeing the roles she had in season 4 so far especially with what happens in Happy Birthday Isabella, it is great to see my favorite female character of the show a bigger role in the series.

Here’s to Stacy ^_^

And Noddy, Don’t forget that some episodes of PnF are not in chronological order. So it might be that HBI might take place before or after other episodes. But we do know that she still remembers Perry’s secret even after summer. ^_^





I still laugh every time I see this on my dash.

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I completely agree that, overall, the earlier you go back in Disney Channel history, the better it is, either in terms of shows with amazing entertainment value, important messages, or both.

BUT hear me out on why it’s not time to full-out mourn the station yet. Disney Channel still has…


isabella is a rubber plant it’s canon


isabella is a rubber plant it’s canon

I got Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel on Blu-Ray in the mail yesterday. ^_^

It is from Japan, but since The US and Japanese Blu-Ray share the same region code, you can play it on a US player or a PS3.

The cool part: in Japan, Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel is called, “Phineas And Ferb: Marvel Hero Daisakusen. THAT IS AWESOME!!!

If you guys want to get a blu-ray of Mission Marvel,

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that’s kind of the two issues I take with anyone coming at me, like, “well Phineas and Ferb is just repetitive now”

first, it’s been repetitive from the beginning. that is its purpose and its structure and it matters because so much of the humor derives from that set-up. so it’s not, uh, new.

and second, uhhh, the show has changed more in the fourth season than EVER before with new characters, dynamics that fundamentally change the power structure of danville (STACYYYYY), and all those late third season “delivery of destiny”-type entries that were purposefully like,

I love these comics. ^_^


make love not war


make love not war